Monday, June 6, 2011

S.H.M.I.L.Y Challenge Day 6–His Temptations

Temptation is everywhere and we shouldn’t think that it can’t happen to us.   There is always a possibility and we have to keep an eye open on anything that could become a temptation;

  1. alcool
  2. drugs
  3. lust for money and power
  4. food addictions
  5. pornography
  6. sexual immorality
  7. video games or internet (facebook, twitter, online groups)

Prayer is a powerful tool when you are tempted.  It can

diminish the voices of temptation and strengthen our resolve.

Lord I pray that You would strengthen us to resist any temptation that can come our way.   Establish a wall of protection around us.  Fill us with Your Spirit and remove anything that is not from you.  Help us to have self-control on resisting anything or anyone who could be a lure.   Teach us to walk in the Spirit Lord.  Amen.

Tomorrow, we will cover His Mind.


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