Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day to my husband and my future fathers-to-be

We have a tradition in our house.  When a special day like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day come, we honor not only the Dad or Mom in the house but the future ones as well.

So this morning, even though some of the gifts were only for my husband there was something special for the boys as well.


Hubby “playing” with the card I made him.

6-17-2011 2;52;57 PM

The card – He loves fishing.  


Alexandre had found a small book for him at the last AWANA store.


And Alexandre checked our comic list and found some comics that he didn’t had in the boxes in our garage.   The kids bought them for him. *grin*

Finally, the BIG surprise…


Jasmine wanted to unwrap one too – so Daddy let her help him.    At her age, she doesn’t understand completely what we are doing.


NERF Dart Tag products!  (Thanks to Hasbro Canada for whom I did a review a while back!)


Jérémy is very happy to have his own Nerf blaster.


Dominic is very serious with his Nerf blaster.


Alexandre is taking the pose.   Watch out world!


Finally, Daddy and Jasmine with his ultimate Nerf Swarmfire.    

Jasmine also wanted her own Nerf blaster…  I think Hasbro Canada should consider making a Nerf line for girls – all pink.   After all if tools exists in the pink colors why not Nerf Blasters as well?  

It’s a thought….  maybe next Spring we could see a new line of products for girls only.  I know one little girl who would love this!   Mom too by the way.   We could compete against the boys that way.   *grin*


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