Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacation time...

We are on vacation as I write this.   It's pass 9pm EST and I'm blogging.   One of my kids just sneezed. 

Vacation.  AhhhhH!   Much deserved and much needed too!

Mind you I feel like we are running around since we arrived but we are having fun as a family and that's what matter.

We are camping.  We rented the place for a whole month.   There is much to do in the area.   So far we went to Marineland twice, went to see the Falls, saw the 4th of July fireworks, went to Rochester twice to go through the Museum of Science (for free since we have membership in our city for other museums) as well as Churchville to stop by the CampingWorld, went to the botanical garden in Niagara Falls.   We also went to the Oneida outlet to check it out because it was closing down and we found some new utensils. 

Not sure what we will do tomorrow.    But in case anyone are wondering why I am not updating my blog... the reason is simple.  I'm vacationing....


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