Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A whirlwind of happenings

There are times right now that I feel like I live in a perpetual tornado.   It isn’t that bad really just never ceasing activity around me.

First an foremost, we were a whole month in Toronto because hubby had a contract there.   Turns out the company wants him full time as their IT manager.

When we got back early June and it took about two weeks to get a firm offer which we accepted.   So we are MOVING!   Never thought I would move in the North of Toronto area but with the lack of contracts in the past three years or so, we have decided to see this as a blessing from God and follow the path He is directing us.

What are my thoughts about this?   Well I always thought that if we move it would still be around Ottawa.  Now we will be about 5 hours away.    All my homeschool contacts are around here.   All our immediate family (within about 2 hours of drive).    Most of our friends.

Moving means – finding new friends, a new church, searching for homeschool contacts…   

Moving also means packing… which we have been doing like crazy for the past three weeks or so.

I also left the kids and my husband for a week of training in Calgary and came back last Saturday.

While I was away, we have put the house for sale…

So far two showings – one last Friday and one this morning before lunch.

And two more to come… tonight.

Ultimately it’s in God’s hands.   He knows what we need – ie sell this house and get a new home.

I will trust Him as I know that He can do what seems impossible in our eyes.

Hubby starts his new work on Aug 7th.   


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