Friday, January 29, 2010

More excitements this week.

Well I should say more excitement on Thursday...

It all started when Jérémy got up and his side was all red again in the face.  Same side...

Mmmm!  Definetively NOT 5th disease for sure.   So I left a message to my doctor's office and waited to see if I could go in.  The secretary called back and yes indeed I could go in and bring Jérémy.

Turns out it is a skin condition.   Stop using the prescription and put some Benadryl cream.   Pack the four kids out of the doctor's office and off to the drugstore behind.   Got some cream.   Pack the kids in the van and put some cream on Jérémy.  Drive back home.

By the time I got back home it was almost lunch time.   So much for homeschooling that morning...

So we had lunch.   Put the younger ones to bed.  Alexandre did his Math U See lesson and previous lesson's test.    We revised his Awana scriptures (he was going to do his last silver from his book).

So last week, he completed his book.  This week, he did his last silver in the book and half his gold.   He received his Silver badge that night.   First boy to complete his silver from his book in THREE years.   Can you believe it?   Most kids go to school so I can understand that they would only do the basis but honestly the silver part is only more scriptures to learn. 

The Gold badge however... that is more work indeed.   Alexandre did a scrapbook page in the past as well as a solar system.   He had to learn scriptures as well.   His last gold is very demanding on the memory part.   He has to list all the reasons for the four questions he had throughout his book and give the supporting scriptures as well.   There are 8 reasons per question and each reason has at least 2 supporting scriptures.   So we need to work on this.  But he is motivated.   Again, I think it will be the first time a boy will get it in three years.  

Now he wants to participate to the Quizzing competition.   I learned that it is very strict and demanding.   We have mixed feelings about it.   We will test him to see how he will react.   Then we will see.   If he really wants to do it and is prepared to face a negation then we might let him participate.   We will see.
Friday, January 22, 2010

Awana First Book Award

Dominic and Alexandre have finished their Awana Book.

Dominic is already going through the revision booklet. 

Alexandre got his award yesterday.   Alexandre has also been doing the silver and gold achiements after every sections in his book.   He still have one silver and one gold to do.   Then it will be complete.

Jérémy got three badges yesterday.   One for church attendance, one for Awana attendance and one for complete the latest Ern E Elephant.   

I'm so proud of them.    Way to go boys!
Sunday, January 17, 2010

Church plans got changed

So I got up this morning and did my bible reading.   We were planning to go to church as a family but then my husband realized that Jérémy had a red rash on one side of his face.

Poor kid.   Not being sure what it was, we decided that I would go to church with Alexandre and Dominic and hubby will stay home with the younger two.   Well, it was a wise decision because when I got back from church the rash was larger on his right side.

Not fun.   I remember that Alexandre had something similar to that when he was younger. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting new

My blog used to be at another site. I've decided to bring it here so that I can only log at one place and keep track of both blog I have. Curious about my review blog? Simply go to and check it out!

This blog is more for our homeschool journey, our trips, our family events and so on. Sometimes I will also write our spiritual insights I had while reading something.

Hope you will enjoy the journey with us at Life at Oak Grove.




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