Monday, March 26, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Weeks 40, 41 and 42


401. The smell of spring in the air.

402. Going to pray for the kids at our church with the pastor’s wife even though the evening wasn’t schedule in March.

403. An appointment with a specialist to get a test done at the hospital instead of having it done at a private clinic like back in August last year where I went in shock.   

404. Having my appointment schedule for said test for September but also knowing that I will be called if there is a cancellation…  Getting called twice last week because of cancellation.  The first day offered wasn’t working but the 2nd call offered me two dates with one working perfectly.   New appointment is on April 16th at an hospital about 40 minutes away but it’s worth it.

405. Seeing God at work in our lives.

406. An opportunity knocking on our door – though to be honest we don’t know if we should go for it or not.

407. March Break where we took it easy during the week.

408. A birthday party for the kids to go in the middle of March Break.

409. Time for my husband and I to spend together while shopping for a new cell phone for me.

410. The fact that I can hear the new cell phone better (I have hard hearing –>   There are hearing aids in the future for me just not now!).

411. The nice sunshine and warmth when we go outside.

412. Shedding the winter clothes.

413. Shorts!

414. Crocs.

415. Turning 43 on the first day of Spring.

416. Last minute day trip to go shopping in the US with the in-laws – in two vehicles.

417. US KFC – cook in the oven instead of dipping in oil.    Delicious!

418. The kids switching vehicles so they can spend time with grand-maman and grand-papa.

419. An opportunity to get involved in our church with the grades 5 & 6.

420. My husband going out of the house for a contract which meant I could bake chocolate.IMG_2852

421. Trying a new cake for my birthday – Thanks to Pinterest!   

422. Being able to go to a new restaurant for lunch time alone while my oldest babysat.

423. Trying to figure out God’s will in our life with a specific thing.  

424.  Food testing activity – we definitively don’t do this often enough… LOL

425. Fun products to review with the family!

426. Receiving a YES when requesting a product – even though it takes time to get the answer or you don’t get the answer but are surprised by a package one morning (That’s how I got the Handbook of Nature Study from Anna Botsford Comstock last week which I requested three weeks ago and never heard from the publisher.   I was debating if I should purchase it or just use the free version I had found on the internet on the iPad.  But to be honest I couldn’t see myself carrying the iPad in the forest all the time…)

427. My son’s team winning the first place at AWANA Quizzing competition.

428. In-laws willing to babysit and bring the kids to an activity while we have to attend another event.

429. Knowing that camping season is just around the corner!

430.Seeing how many clips my daughter can put in her hair…





Monday, March 5, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Week 39


391.  My 2nd son getting a year older.

392.  Seeing his interest in Star Wars.

393.  An opening for me to see my personal doctor because of sickness.

394. Being in a country where you can access medical care easily.

395. This upper respiratory infection which forces me to slow down a bit.

396. The Building Walls For Saving Lives Campaign celebration at our church this past Sunday.

397. My husband getting his own  new to him iPad.   (I barely had it since the past couple of months…. because he was learning with it.)

398. Our city cleaning crew – though I would prefer them to do it during the day and not wake me up in the middle of the night…

399. Adventures in Odyssey which is a huge thing for my kids when we drive to swimming courses.

400. The fact that my oldest has a “private” swimming course for the past four weeks as one family has not showed up yet.



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