Monday, April 21, 2008

Book contest at scholastic...

Last year, Alexandre won 50 books through a contest with Scholastic.  They were celebrating their 50th anniversary in Canada and he was one of the fifty winners.   50 books fill a bookcase believe me.  But I am glad because they are all in French...

This year there was another contest.   This time we had to write an acrostic with Junie B Jones...  The contests is close since April 20th and the winners won't be contacted until May.   So I am being very patient (yah!  Right!) and hope that he wins again this year.  

We could get the whole collection of Junie B Jones in French as well as a bunch of "Mots Mystères".   That would be nice.

Recently, we ordered a whole set of Geronimo Stilton (books 1-26).  Alexandre read the #31 about the Olympics and he loved it.    Since there was a good price on the May catalogue - we ordered that set...  I think we will miss only 5 books from the collection when we get them.   Anyhow, it's so nice to see your child enjoying books as much as I did...   The fun part is I read them too!   Now I will be able to surprise him with some new books for our trip in June.  

Homeschool convention

This past week-end we went to the homeschool convention while my in-laws were babysitting for us.   We had a great time and I was able to get a few things on my list to buy...

Homeschooling in French I need to buy the other things in a French bookstore in the city but the Math program, Math U See, was available at the conference.   So I got the Beta for Alexandre and the Primer student book for Dominic.   Dominic keeps asking to have his Math U See so I got the primer book now and we shall see if he will be doing it slowly and surely.   

I went to a workshop given by a mom doing homeschool since 20 years or so... She had interesting tips and tricks for homeschooling for multiples children.   At one point she said that younger siblings have an advantage on older ones since they see and hear about what the older one is studying and when you get to teach the same thing it can come easily for them since they went through it already (indirectly).   I thought it was interesting.   I love to see Dominic being excited about doing Math U See as well.   

Another thing that I bought was the Mystery of History which I am planinng to do slowly with both kids.   Alexandre can't wait to start this...   I got the book and the CD so that I can reprint the tests and quizzes without having to do photocopies.   So nice...   

There was a few more things on my list but the prices at the conference was more than what I would paid at Indigo online store.   So I will go through the online store to get them.  

I also want to get the timeline figures from Homeschool in the woods...   If my friend Heidi can't find them at her homeschool convention then I will order them and get them delivered to her....   After all, I will see her in June!   I'm TOTALLY excited about this...   as I just made the reservation at the camping site where we will be staying!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tonight is the night...

H.E.A.T. Worship House is starting tonight...

How do I feel about it?   To be honest I don't know.  I think I have butterflies in my stomach.   I wish that it will be a success and that people will love it.   I hope that God will bless us beyond what we can imagine.  I dream of many people coming through the doors and enjoy a new way of doing church.

I hope we will have an impact on the young adult generation.  That they will be drawn to God like we can't imagine or even dream off.  

I pray my kids will be accepted by the people coming.   That drugs and alcool will stay out of the building.  That the neighbours won't complain of the music.   That the venue where we will meet will see the good we are doing for the unreached.

I will stand and support my husband in this adventure.   I'm scared... I'm honest about it.   I still don't know what God wants me to do in this ministry.   Tonight, I will really become a pastor's wife...  Mind you I am already being a mentor I think to the young women in the group - well I hope so...  

So if you don't mind... please pray for H.E.A.T. and for my husband, Rob, my kids and for me!

Oh and if you want to read about H.E.A.T. check out the link to our website and the blog on the right side...  It's worth reading about it!

God bless!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A small problem... that could become a big one!

Okay I need some help here...   All my previous kids were not thumb suckers... but my darling little girl is.   Anytime she can she will pop the thumb in the mouth... and she is only three months!

She is cute though but my husband knows that breaking this habit is hard later in life - my sister-in-law used to suck her thumb when she was little...

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weird feelings...

I'm reflecting to the fact I am leaving Sequoia to plant our own church.   In the same time I have the feeling that I am leaving my homeschooling family as well...   You see there is about 10 families at Sequoia who are homeschooling.   Mind you, we don't get together often or I don't get invited much probably because my kids are much younger than the rest... but still they encouraged me and they willingly answered my numerous questions when I was in the considering mode. 

Still I have one or two I can asked questions when I need...   Believe me it's a weird feeling - being sad to not see them anymore even though we didn't spoke that much except for Sundays.   It's so bizarre...  I guess deep down I wish we could be closer.

On another note, I am having problems with the type of discussions I hear when I go to Gymnastics.   Why in the world christians homeschooling people have to talk about others who are not in their presence - it's beyond my understanding...  I call it boderline gossip.  The other week, I was listening them complaining about the fact their husbands were not doing everything they do when they are away.   I think we should be fortunate that our kids are in good hands... Who cares if the dishes are still on the counter?   Really this is a minor issue.   My husband is not perfect but I know he is taking care of my kids... Besides the bible is very clear about uplifting your husband not putting him down.    So this week, I decided to bring my own homeschool work (LOL  I've found this French book that is stretching my vocabulary and my grammatical reasoning... very challenging!) and did that after I fed Jasmine.   I didn't feel like being part of the discussion...   I did heard bits and pieces but I kind of let it go.   I didn't want to be frustrated again this week.   I think it was wise from my part.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Need of a break....

I need a break!   Badly!   Need a break from life in general but also from school...

Too muhc is going on these days and I can't wait to take the trailer and drive to PA.   Soon....  like in two months from now.   Can't wait to see PA and Lancaster and also my friend HEIDI...  It has been since 2003 since we saw each other in Buffalo, NY.   First time we saw each other.   And we had fun.   Our families connected well.   This time,  we have four kids and she has three.  

Then either we drive back home for a week or we drive up the coast to go to PEI.   Why PEI?   Because the CCSB convention will be in Charlottetown this year.   And to top it off, it is an anniversary in PEI for Anne of Green Gables.   Never went to PEI either.   So this year I am going to two places where I want to go.   If I'm lucky, maybe I can go check Hopewell Rocks in NB while driving to PEI.

I can't wait to see my kids jumping in salty water.  It will be a first for them.   Cool!   It will be relaxing... 

We are currently thinking of putting a DVD player in the truck.   We are waiting to see if a sale will come or not.   We are in no rush whatsoever.   For the amount of driving we will do I think this is a wise investment to keep our sanity...

So now, I need to sit down and check out the place where we can camp in PA.  We already have our place booked for PEI.  The rest, depending of what we are doing, will be on the go.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring is back in town...

The snow is melting... slowly.   And it was cold.   Everyone was starting to wonder if spring would even come.   Well this morning I got a confirmation that spring is indeed arrived (even with all the snow still piling up).  

I just saw two robins... fighting their territory on my front lawn.



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