Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Need of a break....

I need a break!   Badly!   Need a break from life in general but also from school...

Too muhc is going on these days and I can't wait to take the trailer and drive to PA.   Soon....  like in two months from now.   Can't wait to see PA and Lancaster and also my friend HEIDI...  It has been since 2003 since we saw each other in Buffalo, NY.   First time we saw each other.   And we had fun.   Our families connected well.   This time,  we have four kids and she has three.  

Then either we drive back home for a week or we drive up the coast to go to PEI.   Why PEI?   Because the CCSB convention will be in Charlottetown this year.   And to top it off, it is an anniversary in PEI for Anne of Green Gables.   Never went to PEI either.   So this year I am going to two places where I want to go.   If I'm lucky, maybe I can go check Hopewell Rocks in NB while driving to PEI.

I can't wait to see my kids jumping in salty water.  It will be a first for them.   Cool!   It will be relaxing... 

We are currently thinking of putting a DVD player in the truck.   We are waiting to see if a sale will come or not.   We are in no rush whatsoever.   For the amount of driving we will do I think this is a wise investment to keep our sanity...

So now, I need to sit down and check out the place where we can camp in PA.  We already have our place booked for PEI.  The rest, depending of what we are doing, will be on the go.


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