Friday, June 29, 2007

Little Surprise...

Yesterday I had my OB appointment and I was able to hear the heartbeat of the baby. Comment from the OB: You are lucky because it is pretty rare to hear it at 12 weeks. Horray for me!!!

Then my results from my aging ultrasound was in and due date is January 6. Since I will have a c-section (because I had three before...), it should be done 5-10 days before the due date. So OB said: "I don't know what miracles we will do with this date...". Then I asked him if we could do it at midnight on January 1st... hi hi hi He looked at me funny and said "only emergency c-sections are done then..." His wife who works with him then said "Well it could be an emergency...". Now not that I am fearful but it could happen. But I trust the LORD with all my heart, soul and mind. I know that he has and continue to strenghten me in the area of the wall of my uterus. You see, when I was having Jérémy, I have been told that where the cut was, it was paper thin. Next pregnancy might be more risky. Just as we were getting our mind okay with the fact we had three and that we could travel TADA! I got pregnant. So I do believe God is with me at all times... So please pray for a good date!

Either baby comes in December or January. Won't know until September or October.

In the meantime, Alexandre did some French and some Maths yesterday while I was running around with my OB appointment and then to the clinic with Dominic who kept complaining of pain in his ear. The poor thing woke up 4 times the previous night crying. Gave him Tylenol but the pain was still there. So went to see a doctor and he has an ear infection. So on medication he is. This morning he is still sleeping so this is good.

Now if I can find the time to pack for camping...


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