Friday, June 1, 2007

Day trip to Syracuse...

Yesterday we jumped in the car and made a trip to Syracuse to pick up a summer missionary student for our church.   

Even though it was a tiredsome trip... for a pregnant woman that is, it was fun to spend time with my hubby since he is extemely busy lately with the home business and the ministries he is involved as well.

My highlights of the day was that I was able to go to a Staples to get the Desk Apprentice.  Can't find it in Ontario so I was so happy to get one.   My friend Julie had one and I thought it was the most intelligent way to organize some crafts stuff for the kids...  So now I am the proud owner of a Desk Apprentice.  Horray!   It is sitting on my desk and that corner is a bit more organized.   Check out the Desk Apprentice at Staples.

Also, my dear husband was able to find a fishing/camping/hunting store and there he got something for fishing... and he got me a Wild Clingers from Wild Republic.   I love my ladybug!  Thanks love.


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