Friday, June 8, 2007

End of the week

Here's what happened this week...
First I went to play group and helped wash the toys. We were lucky because we had only the baby toys to do... Now I couldn't bring towels since I had a washer problem that Sunday and we had emptied the freezer to thaw it so I washed...
Tuesday was an appointment for Alexandre at the doctor to get his warts burned... Poor kid! He is like his mom - catching everything from the public swimming pool...
Wednesday was our anniversary. We went to see Pirates of the Carribbean III - At World's End. I liked it even though I was not feeling so good... My sinuses bugged me. Oh I also went for a blood test the morning...
Thursday, I went to the clinic close to home and got diagnosed with sinusitis. The doctor wasn't too keen to give me medication (it wasn't my family doctor...) but when I told her that if I don't get anything it will turn into a bronchitis and when she realized that I had sinusitis/bronchitis about 5 weeks ago, she did gave me a prescription. OUF!
Friday - today... I have trouble breathing... Bronchitis is there as I suspected. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better... We have a birthday party to go to - my nephew will be 4 later this month...
Now I just have to find the time and the energy to do the cake for Alexandre who will turn 6 later this month... Buying one would be 30$... He really wants the Lighting McQueen cake I did for his brother Dominic. Just need the energy really and the courage to start it.


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