Friday, June 15, 2007

Body Shop and Compassion Canada

Boy I just realized that I am slow to update lately... I guess not much is happening except that life goes by fast.
This week I participated to a panel for Compassion Canada and I got a gift for the 2 hours I was there. Inside the envelop was a generous gift certificate from Body Shop and a card from Starbucks.
I went to Body Shop yesterday and spend the gift certificate. Even the lady at the store seemed surprised with the amount... Oh well, I got some nice stuff for me. It's fun to spend when you don't have to pay much. I went over by 12$ so I ended up paying anyway but the bulk of it was free...
Now about Starbucks, I have no clue whatsoever how much if the card. So tomorrow as I go to my inSPIRE day away from family, I will pick up a coffee and check it out. I am very curious.
So this is my plus of the week... apart from the igodtour that is. These kids from Montgomery Alabama are amazing. I've seen them at the park down my street and they were sharing their faith as if it was regular stuff. I've seen a young lady sharing with an Hindu woman. I need to be that bold... I learned a lot by observing. Mind you, it's not as though I never shared my faith but I doubt I would have had the courage to approach an Hindu person... WoW! Good job!


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