Sunday, June 24, 2007

I survive...

... another birthday party!   No really it was great.  Just the perfect size.   Alexandre will be officially 6 tomorrow and he left with daddy for a night at the trailer and some fishing.  There is also something secret between them for something he wants to do.   Don't know what it is...  Oh well!

He got some more KNex which he loves, a Lego set to build a motorcycle (I think), some cash which means he can go pick what he wants to buy (hopefully not a Tamagotchi), a snorkelling set, Playmobil, soccer ball, soccer shoes, soccer sox and shin pads for protection on the legs (he is going to a soccer camp in two weeks!!!).

I sure hope they catch some fish and have a good time tomorrow.

Now I am pooped...  tired like crazy... I do have some dishes to do but I don't feel like it.  Will wait tomorrow.   I think I am getting old for birthday parties.  OUF!  

Now there was a little girl from his class that was there with her family.   They go to our church as well.  But Alexandre and her keep saying they are girlfriend and boyfriend.  It is kind of cute but I wonder how much do they really understand this...   I pray that whoever will become his wife will love the Lord and will be willing to obey Him.   If it is this little girl, all the better since I know the parents.   If it is someone else, I pray that we get along well with the parents and that I have a special relationship with my daughter-in-law.  That being said, I am thankful that I still have many years before this happens.   I want to enjoy my 6 year old this year!


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