Thursday, June 21, 2007

Last day of school

Today is Alexandre last day of school... and our first step toward homeschooling.
I wonder how it will go in the next few weeks, trying to get organized and to plan a schedule of some sort.
Yesterday evening, he did his first lesson of French on the Rosetta Stone software and he loved it. We figure that this could ease my load a bit with the baby coming and all. So we found out that he can read a bit which is a very good news... He just need some encouragements!!!
I am still waiting PATIENTLY for my Come Sit By Me program. I know it is in the mail but boy is it slow to get here... Hopefully I will get it this week then I can see which books I need to get, go to Value Village (a second-hand store) to see if I can find some there for a cheap price... Books can be expensive sometimes. But hey, I have three kids following so it is not lost...
I am seriously thinking of starting in a few weeks with the Math-U-See... Alexandre has already 10 lessons done. So it shouldn't be a problem. He loved it.
You might think that I am crazy to do homeschooling during summer time but to be honest I like the suggestion that someone gave me because of the c-section and all... I want to take a bit of advance so that I can have a more relaxed schedule for the weeks after the arrival of baby #4. And I figure out that February is a hard month on me... somehow it affects my mood... more depressed somehow. And there is a possibility of a mission trip to Dominican Republic with our church. I won't be going but God's willing (contracts are needed...) Rob and Alexandre might go. We will see when the trip must be paid and see if we can afford it. I would have loved to go with them but baby will be only 1 months and a half so it is not a good thing.
Well, right now I have done lunch because we are having a picnic at the little party today at school. We are waiting until 10:15am to leave... Another 2 hours or so to go.
Good thing I had time to update this morning... I also had time to do my devotions which is good because lately I find it hard to do it early morning.


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