Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today the challenge is to share what I do to relax and unwind.

I call that CHILLAXING.

When things are getting on my nerves – kids, house, reviewing, courses and so on, I find that the one thing that help me to renew my spirit is spending time to photograph God’s creation.  When I do so I find I get more in tune with my Savior and can marvel at how creative He was and still are.

When I see mushrooms growing on the path, frogs in the water,, lily pads in the lake, a bird dancing on the lily pads, marvelous flowers and a turtle sun bathing on a log, I wonder on how God created everything around us.




Seeing little chipmunks chasing each other while crossing a path – I see them praising God for making them so happy.

When I hear a woodpecker tapping at five in the morning I know that it is looking for breakfast.

When I get the opportunity to capture these little gems from my Father, I thank Him and enjoy them as much as I can.

Tomorrow is another day.   Who knows what it will bring?   I know that I have my camera and can capture God’s beauty for me.

Have you taken your camera while walking?   You might be missing some great opportunities.    Make sure you grab it next time and start expressing yourself with your pictures.

Note:  These pictures were taken while walking at our campground one beautiful day in June.    I indeed seen a red-winged bird dancing from lily pad to lily pad during this walk.  It was simply beautiful. 


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