Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New style

As you might have seen, I have decided to revamp my personal blog.

But it is not the only thing that got changed in my life.

About two weeks ago, I went for an eye exam and apparently my eyes are better than they were two years ago.   I am 42 and I was quite curious about this as the same thing happened at the last eye checked.   It is quite common to have your eye getting better before slowing going to the bifocals world.

So as off now, my eyes don’t need bifocals… thank goodness.

But I had a new prescription.

Changing the lenses on my current pair was ridiculous in price.  I love the style but honestly paying so much just for the lenses and NOT having my glassed for two weeks was out of question.

So we shopped around…

First Laurier Optical – 3 for 199$ deal.

Yeah – you get three frames for 199$ but you have to pay 79$ per lenses (x3) to get the anti-scratch/anti-glare package deals.  And if you put the Transitions on them it was another 120$ or so.

Hakim Optical – 2 for 199$ deal.

So you get two frames for 199$ and get the anti-scratch/anti-glare/UV package.   Transition was 75$ per pair of glasses.


One pair of glasses was equivalent of two pairs at Hakim.

So we went back at Hakim…

Pick two pair of glasses – one will have the Transitions on it, the other one will be my backup.

Got the backup pair yesterday as the Transitions will take about 10 days.   Right away, I had the feeling something was wrong but since my prescription changed, I decided to test it for an evening.

I got an headache on the left side right away…  I close my right eye and saw that it was fuzzy – not clear.    Weird.  

Over the evening I had to switch to my old pair of glasses so that the headache would not get worse.

This morning I wore them to drive… 30 minutes and I had a splitting headache.  Went back to the old pair.   Headache somewhat reduce itself but was there still.   At 10am, I went back to Hakim and explained the issue…   He checked and discovered that the axis was slightly imperfect.   He was surprised that I had an instant reaction though as apparently it wasn’t very much off.   Well off enough for me not to see clearly and to have an headache within minutes of wearing them.

He re-did the lense on this side.    And now I see clearly.

Their service is fantastic if you ask me.    Some people would have been annoyed but I  know it was an error.

He gave us an amazing service when we went for my son’s glasses a month ago – we got transitions for free on one of his pair of glasses which were new from last August and needed new lenses. 

So if you need glasses – don’t hesitate to go to Hakim Optical in Barrhaven.    I highly recommend him. 


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