Monday, July 4, 2011

Home alone

For the first time in thirteen years, my husband left the house for a week of training.

In the past, we went to training together – I’m thinking our church planting course a few years ago.

Not this time…   The opportunity was open for Rob.  God opened more doors to make it possible.   It is a perfect fit for him.

So on Sunday, he took the plane at 830 in the morning and won’t be back until next Saturday in the afternoon around 4pm.

Me…. I braced myself for being emotional.   I was – a bit.   The kids reacted differently… during that Sunday.

We couldn’t go to church because dear daughter woke up with a HUGE rash all over her upper body and face.   She had had fever a couple of days before.  I went to the Renfrew Hospital to get her checked.   They couldn’t do anything for a 24 hour fever apparently.

But last night, when I put the boys to bed I saw that Jérémy had some sort of rash – different than his sister however.  It was itchy…

So this morning, I braced myself and went to the clinic with four kids in tow as well as Nintendo DS, iPods and iPad.

We waited patiently…

Turns out that Jérémy has poison ivy.   Apparently he went to play in the bush either around the RV or around the zodiak.

Jasmine on the other hand – I still don’t know what it is.  

Both have cream as both are itchy.  Different rashes but same effect…

Both got swapped for strep.

Back home, the adventure of the Monday was not complete.   I had sent my oldest son to dig the Slip ‘N Slide for later this week.

He found it all right – along with manipulating a box with Javex in it… which cause wreck on his clothes.  A good pair of short and a t-shirt with iron man wrecked….   I loved these shorts.

So I send him for a shower….  He was singing a Christmas song on top of his long.  Yes it is July 4th by the way…

Then the mailman came with a box from one of the publishers from which I review with five books inside.  I’ve been waiting for them but Canada Post was on strike in June…  They arrived FINALLY!

Then I received an email from a new company I contacted, they want me to review some of their products – more games coming our way.

Lastly, I will receive a new DVD with art lessons from See The Light.  

Now my kids ages 3 to 10 wants to watch an episode of Little House in The Prairie with me.

The day started crazy… it finishes beautifully.

I was suppose to do work on my courses… haven’t find the time yet.

There is always tomorrow!


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