Monday, July 4, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–Week 4


41. spending time with my family before my husband goes on training

42. seeing a skunk in the wild while having supper in the RV – cute little thing but boy was I ever glad we were not outside when it came around!

43. watching chipmunks crossings a road at the campgroup…. too funny!

44. hearing and seeing the wind make the leaves dance in the trees

45. seeing the enthusiasm in my 2nd son – Dominic – when he keeps seeing a woodpecker go feed its babies in a tree close to our trailer.

46. my precious daughter – she is a jewel in my life.  Thank you Lord!

47. Time alone while hubby brings the kids fishing…

48. good books that teaches you about being thankful and about blessing others

49. having the king size bed to myself while hubby is away – NOW I can sleep in the middle!  (But I do miss him though…)

50. air conditioning…  never had it while I was a child but now I wouldn’t live without it.  Mind you I’m sure I would be able to adapt myself if needed be.  *grin*



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