Monday, July 11, 2011

Will it Blend? The Blendtec marketing strategy

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today the challenge is to share one of my favourite YouTube videos and share my thoughts about it.

imageWell for starter, I must admit to everyone that I don’t check out YouTube often.   Why?   Well probably because I don’t have much time on my hands to start checking it out.   OH!  I do look at some videos posted by friends on facebook but to start looking for myself… nope.   I homeschool my kids. I blog for pleasure. I camp with my family.  I manage a home.  Much more is on my shoulders.    I don’t want my kids to see me as a mom who is always on her PC.   Consequently, I have reduced my “workload” on the blogging part.

But I do have something to share.  When I started my Social Media Certificate at a college near by, the first course I had to take was Introduction to Social Media.   I thought I knew as much as I could aboimageut it and would not learn anything with it but to have the certificate, I needed to go through this course.   Boy was I surprised…

One of my assignment was to do a study on a company from the ones suggested.   One of them was Blentec which sells high quality blenders.   The particularity of this company is that the president himself is promoting the blenders with the Will it Blend? videos on YouTube.

He will take anything and everything to prove to the world that his blender will be able to chop ANYTHING….

One of my favourite videos is when he blends glowsticks.  Check it out!

The popularity of these videos can be question by many but if you truly look at it with a marketing perspective, you can see that it was ingenious.  Not only that the president himself is doing the demonstration but they are using day-to-day products to make their point.  Mind you, it breaks my heart when I see an iPad or other expensive products being shred to pieces but these demonstrations to show the power of the blender and the sturdiness of itsimage blades. 

The authenticity and the craziness of these projects makes people talk and consider getting one of their blenders as it proves that it can definitively blend anything – even ice…   Think about it.   How many times have you tried to crush ice with your regular blender and it wasn’t doing a proper job.    Seeing the Blendtec in action with the president of the company as the scientist demonstrate the quality of the product and the fact that the president believes in it.    He really grabs the ownership of the product by doing these experiments and posting the videos on YouTube.

Agreed the price tag attached to the Blendtec is quite expensive but seeing the quality and power of these blenders you have to consider how long it will last as well.   I have heard many stories of people who had to purchase multiple regular blenders over the years because theirs would die on them….  If you do so 3-4 times, you end up spending about the same amount of money than what the Blendtec is worth.   Personally I believes in buying quality even though it means it would be more expensive at the purchase time because I know that in the long run the product will last a long time.

We own a Blentec wannabe.    We recently discovered that the blender we own was made by a company who was sued by Blentec for copyrights.   They lost.   When and if our blender breaks, my husband definitively wants to get a Blendtec.   He has seen the videos and he sold out to their quality.   Besides, he prefers their design over the one we have right now.

You can find more crazy blending projects on the YouTube Channel Will it Blend?


What would you like the Blentec president use the next time he makes a video?

What are your thoughts on this marketing strategy?


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