Saturday, July 9, 2011

He’s coming back

As I write this, my husband is on his way back home – up in the air.

No he is not Superman (even though he is a big fan of him – we collect comics).

As I am writing this, I know he is sitting in the plane to bring him back home.

He has been gone since last Sunday morning… and it was the first time we were apart for a week.

And I got my share of events – one child with a mysterious rash that disappeared in three days.

One child with poison ivy thanks to our camping from the previous week.  Now I know how to deal with it though.

A visit at the clinic on Monday to get them checked.

Oldest son went to dig the slip n slide in the shed at my request and came back with his shirt and shorts wrecked because of Javex which I didn’t know was there.

Kids missing their dad…

Courses to do assignment for – which is not totally done.

Missing church last week because I didn’t know what Jasmine had – still don’t know what she had for that matter…

A trip at the new Value Village in town with four kids… when it is packed.   Went pretty well but boy do I prefer going by myself…

A trip to the eye specialist for me on Friday afternoon – which gave me headaches because of the drops she put in my eyes to check my pupil.  DISLIKE!

But in the end – it went well.

I had one depressing day – on Wednesday yep the mid of the week.

I have good time too…. watching Little House in the Prairie with the kids, making spaghetti sauce, and other few things.

But I am looking forward to 4pm this afternoon.

I miss my husband.  Had the King size bed to myself for a week but it isn’t the same without him in the house.

Can’t wait to see him…

You know what’s funny.  When he left he embarked the place at gate 22.   He is coming back today at gate 22.  

The kids and I can’t wait to give him a HUG….


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