Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Frustration

I find people are irresponsible these days.    Not only teenagers but adults as well.
The past few weeks after Halloween, it seems to be always the same thing.   People just leave their pumpkins on their porch or at the end of their driveway and on week-ends while most people are sleeping, younger people come and crash them in the middle of the streets or right in front of our mail area.  
How hard would it be to pick up the pumpkins and put them in your green recycle bin for garbage day? 
Two weeks ago we had the whole section where we go pick up the mail smashed with pumpkins.  Yuck!    I thought of going with my oldest and pick it up but never got around to it.   Someone did…  I wonder if it is the postal services that came or the city or it could be a neighbour which is located in front of that area.   Anyhow, it got picked up.  Thank you whoever did it…
This morning though, we woke up with pumpkins smashed in front of our house and our other neighbour.    In the street mind you but still….
One half pumpkin was right in the way for our truck when we back up.  We were going to church.   So I went and picked it up and put it on our grass with the plan to put it in our green bin when we come back.
Well an hour and 30 minutes later, as we are coming back, I realize that the said pumpkin that I picked up earlier is back in the street to say the least.   Now, let me tell you that it didn’t walk there by itself – no sir.    Someone deliberately threw it again there.    Mmmm!     Makes me think that it is someone living in the area – a teenager more than likely.   Great!
Hubby took the green bin and picked up ALL the pumpkin mess that was in the street.  There was at least three to four pumpkins for sure.  Now the street is cleaned up and cars can go by without swerving all over the place. 


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