Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Okay.  This month is NOT our Thanksgiving month.   In Canada, it is in October.   But needless to say I am blessed these days.

For those of you who are following Life at Oak Grove, you also know that I am behind Canadianladybug Reviews! as well.

Well recently I have decided to request via websites or emails various products to review.  Even though many companies don’t bother to answer or others simply answer back with a NO, I have other companies who are enthusiastic and willing to participate.

Last week, I got a surprise from Mark’s Warehouse – a beautiful new winter coat.   I posted my review and send it to my contact.  He was impressed with the quality of the post and just knew that his client ie Mark’s Warehouse would love it.    I appreciate it when I receive feedback from my contacts.

I also emailed toys companies.   So far, I have one major company who will send me some things.   They had suggested some products but I had mixed feelings about some of them so I asked if I could change some of their suggestions.  They said yes.   Then I didn’t heard from them after that.   I thought that maybe it wouldn’t happen.   Well, yesterday they emailed me confirming that they are sending me the products I suggested.   I mean not one or two…. believe it or not they are sending all of them!  


Another company just informed me that they receive daily requests (about 10 per day) for reviews.   But since I was the first Canadian requesting, they would like to send me something.   WOW!  

Then there are companies who said yes and I have still not received anything.

So no matter what happens, just blogging and reviewing products/books is a major blessing for me and my family.

I thank God and all the companies for blessing us so much.   Sometimes they have no idea how much it blesses us to receive and reviews their products.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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