Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy 100

100 entries already.... hard to believe but true. I kept wondering what to write for this "event" but unfortunately I didn't came up with anything very exciting... So I will tell you a bit about the week to come.

Yesterday, we did some shopping... so much for planning to homeschool. But to be honest, we need roller blinds in the kids room - some darkening ones. So we went around to shop... First store we went to had the best prices but the colors we wanted were not available. When asked when we could have them, we were told it could take many weeks. So that's why we went around shopping for prices. Went to Sears where the prices were outrageous!!! BUT I did found a great deal on a new pillow - feathers please and Obus Form... 50% off! HORRAY! After supper time, we ended up going to the grocery store but couldn't find the chicken legs special or not enough bagels (in special too) which meant we need to go back the next day... After a little fit from Dominic about the car cart... we drove back home, put him in his bedroom, put Jérémy down and my dear husband went outside with Alexandre for a biking lesson... We are way overdue with the two wheels thing but last year we had to postpone it because of a cast... then on the possibility of another break if he fell on it. So this year, we removed the training wheels... Balance is hard but we had to adjust the bike since the seat was too low... I pray he will catch the trick fast.

Today... homeschooling. On the menu, Math U See, the French reading curriculum, reading Emma's egg, talking about domes and the usefulness of the yolk and the white in the egg and finally finish with some English phonics. Alexandre got a bit frustrated at one point because he couldn't recognize and and are. So I took a notebook and made him write and say the words. Well, the last page he did, he had to read a little text. He did it 95% of the time... there was a couple of words he didn't know. So he was real proud of him!

Tomorrow, planning to homeschool again because the rest of the week is busy for my husband and me. We are going to the Leadership Summit - in our city while the real thing is happening in Chicago at Willow Creek. Thanks goodness for video conference...

We are excited about this. We went last year and it was very good. It will be demanding but interesting...

Now my only issue is to tell my mom about my decision of homeschooling. I fear her reaction to be honest... I need to find the words... Being in my head since about a week or so. Really need to do this sooner than later. I have prepared the letter for the school and school board which HSLDA is revising as we speak. I will send the letter in a week or so.

To be honest, I am not confident in myself these days... Why is it always like this??? For a while I was fine but because I missed a few days of schooling - I feel as though I won't be able to do it. My real objectives this year is for Alexandre to read and adding as well as substracting. Writing will come with it also... I need to go downtown to get a copy of the curriculum of Ontario so that I know exactly when a grade 1 is suppose to be able to do in the various subjects planned for his grade. Arg! I am not looking forward to park in this area.


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