Thursday, August 16, 2007

It is done!!!

We wrote the letter, it got revised bu HSLDA Canada, we printed it, we signed it... it is now in an envelop waiting to be mailed...   Along with an official copy to HSLDA Canada and another one for the school board!

Homeschooling is going well.  Alexandre is zipping through MathUSee these days.  He wants to do two lessons per day.   I need to control it...   But with Phonics and French, we are busy.   I am at peace.  No doubts in my mind.   Still have to officially tell my mom though but these days I don't care about her reaction.  

I realized that Alexandre is happy, he doesn't eat his nails anymore (something he was doing while at school), so it is a good thing.   Dominic is learning some letters and numbers - printing and counting.   It is nice.   It is a bit hard to keep Jérémy busy but at times he goes play with blocks and then come to draw.   Dominic's attention is not as big as Alexandre's but when he is tired, he takes off and go play with his little brother.   Life is good so far...


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