Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer days

As much as I want to go ahead with homeschooling there is always little disruptions that slow down the process...

This week, Monday wasn't too bad... but then on Tuesday husband and I decided to go out in the morning (thanks to my mother-in-law who came to look after our three boys) and we went to the war museum. Some of you must think that it is a bit crazy but it was instructive and we are respectful for those who sacrificed their life so that we can have freedom in our country.

Then I got a call from a friend at church inviting me over the next day for a swim... How can you resist this with the weather we are having??? So off we went on a farm where the boys were able to hold baby rabbits and swim a lot in the pool. We had fun. Lots of it. As I was driving back, my three boys fell asleep. I was glad that my husband was working home so he could help me put them to bed.

At 3pm, the older two got up so I asked them to go play with the new toy we are testing called Word Launch from Leapfrog. It is a game where they learn about phonics and new words. Very instructive. So homeschooling yesterday was - baby rabbits, swimming, devotion, and English phonics.

Today, I would like to do more but somehow my head is spinning (literally) and I didn't have any alcool... No really, it has been ages since this happened to me and I know it might be my high blood pressure. However, I have no clue why it would be high... So I will wait a bit and see if it will get back to normal - ie head not spinning. Believe me it is not fun. I have to be extra careful since I am 17 weeks pregnant. As if I need this... I should go do my own devotion now...

UPDATED --> Called my OB around 930 or so. Looks like I have low blood pressure... Need to lay down today. Thank goodness that hubby is working home this morning. He has an appointment with a client this afternoon but then the kids go for a nap. Right now, it doesn't feel as bad as this morning. Still a bit dizzy but not much. OB will call later tonight to see how I do. If it gets worst, I've been told to go to the emergency...


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