Thursday, August 16, 2007

I did it! I jumped in the water...

... and I got the usual comments about homeschooling...

You must be wondering what the heck I am talking about...

I just called my mom. Asked her if she heard about homeschooling... oh boy!!! She told me that she thinks the only people who could do that should be people who had an education in teaching... Bottom line, I don't think she approves...

She got very emotional at one point and talked about the famous "SOCIALIZATION"... I was expecting this. I told her that Alexandre will be having contact with other children via other activities... swimming, Sunday school and hopefully the co-op. If co-op do not work, I will look into something else that is weekly... which reminds me I need to e-mail a friend about a christian club going on in the city. Can't remember the name...

Anyhow, next week, there will be lots of socialization with the SonForce vbs at a local church. No worries about this. Alexandre loves to be with others.

She also asked me if he had any say in the decision. Which we did told him and he wanted to do it.

Know what? Alexandre is not as stressed about school as he was going to school. He does not chew his nails these days. As a matter of fact, I had to cut his nails today because they were long. He won't learn about the fact that a man can marry another man via other kids, he won't spend a lot of time watching television, he won't be unsupervised in his classroom, he won't have to fight for the attention of the teacher... My letters are mailed now. He loves MathUSee and the other things we do. Now that we are doing well with these things, I feel more confident to incorporate a bit more of art or field trips. I needed some time to get adjusted... now I am more confident. Even Dominic is learning a bit. I am relieved now... no more hiding - everyone in our family knows...


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