Monday, August 13, 2007

Biking alone on two wheels

Finally, we made it to this stage of life. Last year, Alexandre broke his arm in May and we had been told to be careful with it for the summer because if he fell on it he could brake it again! So we listened to the doctors and did not remove the training wheels on his bike. We didn't want to go through surgery another time. How heartbreaking for a mom to be told to stay behind and her child looks at her with HUGE eyes not knowing what will happen in the OR. I think I will always remember this picture in my head. Why they don't let the parents dress-up and once the child is asleep asked the parent to leave??? Oh well. We made it through that day more than a year ago...

Anyhow, the training wheels were still on when spring and summer arrived. So we looked at how he was doing. Pretty good. So we removed the training wheels and husband went with him one evening. Alexandre was a bit stiff and thinking he still had the training wheels. Last week, we went to the Leadership Summit in town and my in-laws came for 1 day and a half to babysit. Father-in-law is a miracle for biking... Within a day, Alexandre got it... He is a pro now, going as fast as a speeding bullet. Beware Superman! It brought me tears in my eyes to see him enjoying it. Yes we did indeed reached a new stage of life.


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