Saturday, August 25, 2007

Butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs are cute...

... on jeans (and in nature don't take me wrong)... 

I had my ultrasound this week.  After verifying four times, the technicians said it looks like it is a GIRL!   But she wouldn't said it with a lot of affirmation.  I was wondering why and asked my OB the next morning.  He said that a couple got told that they would have a certain sex but when they gave birth surprise, it was the other sex...  So now it is possible that they will sued because the things that they got was for what they had been told to get.   

As for us, having a girl would be nice... and different.  At least I won't be the one woman in the house.   Anyhow, we got a little PJ at Costco and we showed that PJ to tell the family (well the ones we saw anyway).   When husband told his brother, he got told that he had a dream about us having a girl...  And believe me, dreams coming from my brother-in-law are powerful.  Would you believe that way before I came in my husband life, he had a dream about me...  well not me as seeing me but husband presented his wife-to-be to him and the lady had a jean jacket (which represented the tough side of me - yah right! and at the same time was soft....).   He looked at his brother and said Oh ya I know her...   Bizarre would you say, well I did meet my brother-in-law before meeting my future husband and I do have a jean jacket with had a little bunny clipped on it.   Anyway.   His dreams are always interesting.  So we shall see when I have my c-section in December right?  For now, we won't splurge on girly clothes and pink toys.   

Even though I am dying to shop pink and purple and butterflies and dragonflies and ladybugs and tinkerbell and princesses...  A few more months to wait...  Patience is a virtue.


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