Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just can't believe it...

... while I was at cooking class with Dominic and Jérémy, Alexandre did some typing with the Typing Tutor and some Rosetta Stone.  We had done 1 hour of French reading and writing.   It was hard at times because he takes it personally when he can't do it.  So I cut the word in pieces and he can do it.

Anyhow, while I was at the class, the school called asking why Alexandre was not in school this morning.   I've sent the letter about two weeks ago believe it or not but they did not open the mail since then... NO COMMENTS HERE!!!

So I had to call back to tell them when I have sent the letter.  When I talked to one of the secretaries, I asked her if I will get some sort of official notification about this.   She told me she didn't know how it works since it was the first time they were seeing something like that....  from a French Catholic School.   I guess homeschooling in Ontario is mostly for English parents somehow...  Why isn't it  more popular in the French community I wonder.

Talking to one aunt of my husband last night, she told me she would have liked doing this but since she didn't have an university degree, she couldn't.   I told her that you don't have to have an university degree to do this.  She seemed surprised and said "Isn't the government verify?"  I told her that no, they don't.   In Ontario it is pretty flexible... not like other provinces or states or countries around the globe.   Anyhow, she encouraged me and told me she was supporting my decision.   That was nice.   I know it won't be easy at times and when the baby will be there, it might be quite busy but I am hoping that Alexandre will be able to read a bit by then... and read the instructions by himself.


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