Friday, August 31, 2007

Calm morning...

It's a calm morning right now... Everyone is sleeping, husband went to a prayer meeting early (530am) and I am waiting for our employees to show up...  

We had a great evening last night, surprising my in-laws for their upcoming 40th anniversary (on Sept 16th).   We gave them a memory book with old pictures of them and wishes from most of their brothers and sisters as well as us.   Also included was a gift certificate to have a brunch on the steam train in the region on their anniversary.   I also made the cake that everyone seemed to enjoy.   My two sister-in-laws took care of the supper (salads and main course).   It was delicious...

Only thing that happened is that one of my brother-in-law had to go to the hospital because a piece of something went into his eye while he was cutting it (he works in construction).   The miracle is that he didn't damaged his eye to the point to loose it.   God protected him...  However, everyone told him to wear his safety glasses next time...  but he doesn't like them.   I think he knows now how important it is.

Our pastor did an error like that not too long ago...  He had removed the safety guard on a chainsaw and he ended up cutting his leg...  Pretty bad cut on his thigh.  Ouch!   Now he is okay... but still why risking it???

My dear friend is back from hospital.   Last week, she got operated for a knee replacement.  She is in pain from what it looks like.   I really need to go see her...   Must find the time somehow next week...   I will try to call her amidst my many things to do today!


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