Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Booking swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are officially booked this morning. Horray! The three boys will have their courses at the same time on the same day. OUF! No running around. I like that. However, I had to select my second choice of swimming pool since my first choice was not starting until mid-october and going for 9 weeks, which meants being VERY pregnant by the time the boys would be done their courses... I didn't like the idea. I don't want the stress in December. So I picked the 2nd best place in my area... Their family change room is bigger somehow with HUGE lockers available for BIG families like ours...

So mid-september, my kids will have swimming courses on Thursday nights. Two by themselves in the water, the other one with dad. Me... I will keep an eye on child #2 since he has a tendency of not listening.

Swimming is important for us. It is a skill that is important to have.


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