Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Store credit instead of repairs?

As some of you might have seen from my post in January, a spring broke on my sofa… (see for a picture). 

And when I called for service since according to the papers received with the sofa, the springs are covered for 5 years and the said sofa is not even 3 years old yet I received a cold shoulder response and got told that according to their paperwork the warranty is only 1 year.   Excuse me?  I asked to talk to a supervisor.  They are all busy I was told.  He took my name and phone number and said he will pass on the message…  Yeah right.

My feathers were ruffed and I didn’t accept this answer.

Called the company who had made the sofa.    First lady was nice and said “If it says 5 years then it is on warranty.  Call the service department of the store you bought it”.   I did and they won’t do it.  Now what?  She transferred me to someone else who wasn’t there so I left a message.  This 2nd lady was not very nice and pretty rude about the whole thing.  okay.

2008_02_28_16_02_00Next step, call my vendor to complain about their service.   Turns out it is his day off that day.  Got transferred to a director of the store.   I explained the situation and he says “Let this in my hands and I get back to you tomorrow about it.”   No problem there.

The next day come and goes.   And you guessed it I didn’t received a phone call… neither from him or the supervisor of the service person I had talked to the previous day as well.  

So the following day, I pursue the director and called again.  “I haven’t had a response yet.  I will let you know by tomorrow for sure.”   Mmmm!

In the meantime, I had called the Consumer Protection bureau which in turn told me the steps I should take.

I finally get an answer the Thursday from the director, asking me to send him a copy of the paper that came with the sofa.  Not a problem, I can scan them and print them.  He then suggested that I email it to him.  Fine and I will send you a copy of the damages done on the sofa…  Perfect.

I did that the following Monday.    Waited that whole week for a response.   I told my husband, if I don’t get an answer by Friday, I am sending a registered letter to the store on the following Monday.

Nothing…. No phone calls.  No emails.  No news.  So on last Sunday, I sat down and wrote the letter.  Made copies of all the paperwork I was going to send.  Prepared the envelopes because I decided to send a copy to the head office in Montreal.

All I was asking was to replace the spring and fix the damages on the material.   Fortunately it is in the back of the sofa.

Yesterday, Feb 8th 2011, the phone rang.   I have call display so I knew it was from Montreal.   First thought it was my mom calling from somewhere else but I doubted it because it rarely happens.2008_02_28_18_11_04

I picked up the phone…   It is someone from the head office.

We will give you a credit for the sofa.  Please go to the store and pick something.  

What?  You’re telling me you are replacing it? 

Yes everything is in place you just have to ask for a director when you go.  

Hummm?   What about the 2nd sofa.   We have two of the same sofa.   So what happens here?   I wanted only repairs not a replacement.   

What other sofa?

Well we have two sofa the same color and they got delivered on two different invoices.   If you change one, I don’t have to have mismatches…   What do we do here?

I got put on hold on this one…   When he came back he told me that he didn’t know about the other sofa and he will have to talk to the director again about it.  

He is suppose to get back to me about it.   I didn’t heard from him since yesterday afternoon….   I will give them a few days.

But honestly, I didn’t ask for a replacement.   I just wanted to get repairs and that they would pay for the time to repair it (originally they told me I would have to pay for that).

I suspect that they received my registered letter on Tuesday morning since I put it in the mail at 9am on Monday….   Hubby is impressed about it. 

We love our sofas.   We picked them because they were comfortable and loved the colors on the material.   The best part is that they didn’t hurt my husband back. 


So  now we are in the waiting game again….   I wonder how it will finish.

Oh and the store is Brault et Martineau.


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