Friday, February 11, 2011

And the suspense continues

Recently I wrote about our adventures with a broken spring on one of the sofas…   See here for more details!

Well yesterday I haven’t heard about anything.  So I decided to call the service department and ask if they could tell me who I spoke with earlier this week.

He was busy.   But he did called me back!   Yeah!

And he was nice and took the time to listen to me.   

Because honestly we love our sofas.   Was there any way to just repair the damage?   We were not asking for a replacement you know.

He told me a director was going to contact the company who made the sofas to see what could be done.   He was open to my suggestions and so on.   

In the afternoon, the sale rep of SuperStyle called…  Ah!    He asked if I could send him a picture of the damage and also questioned me to where it was.    I answered him.   Apparently, the material of my sofas has only recently been discontinued.  So there is a chance that they might have some in the head office which is located somewhere near Toronto.

Now we are talking.

I won’t hear from him until Monday but at least it’s going somewhere…


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