Monday, February 21, 2011

Are you willing to RISK?

It’s family day today and this morning we were planning to go visit a museum while hubby had two meetings with clients.

But our little girl is still coughing a lot so we judge that it would be better to stay home.   Hubby re-schedule his appointments for this afternoons instead and we decided to play a game of RISK.

It was my 2nd time playing the game.   I had found a game for 4$ at Value Village a while back.   A card was chewed up a bit… we laminated it.    But apart from that, the game was complete.

So we set up ourselves to teach the two oldest (and the young ones as well) the game of RISK.


Can you see the evil mastermind that is doing everything he can to CONQUER the world? 


All the while Jérémy and Jasmine were playing with EXTRAS that were in the box…


I was the red ones…   At one point I owned pretty much all of Canada, US and Greenland.   I was confident in myself.   It was fun too!


Everyone had a good time… the little ones got bored at one point and watched a Passe-Partout and a Dora.


The game is a bit hard for Dominic but he enjoyed playing in team with his big brother Alexandre…  


And then the wind turned….   I was kicked out of my territory and decided to invade Europe…


In the end it was my lone character against the evil green machine….


Can I survive this?


Nope.    My husband has once again conquered the WHOLE world…


I think we need to find a version that is more complicated for him….  

RISK is available at any toy store and his made by Hasbro.


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