Thursday, October 2, 2008

More than 10 years of junk...

... sitting (literally) in our basement.   That's what happens when you get married and move two appartments in one house without going through your stuff on both side.   You have good intentions of getting rid of your things after the honeymoon.

Then first thing you know... you move to another house and guess what? You move your junk too! 

Then on your 10th anniversary year - you decide to finish the basement which means you need to remove the stuff from there before...  Do you go through the boxes now?  Noooooo!   You wait until it's time to bring it back downstairs remembering that not everything will go back in the house.    Well my father-in-law and mother-in-law (with the help of an uncle-in-law) did a marvelous job for our basement.   We love it...   Then we needed to go through the STUFF... 

Not very motivating when you see tons of boxes in the garage... Literally it was taking the whole place.  So we started slowly...  The things we knew we will keep went in the basement placed in various wardrobes or corners...   Some boxes still need some cleanup but we know we want what's in them.   After a few weeks - we are almost done...  At some point, I thought we will never be able to go through it.   We threw a lot, shredded lots of paper, gave away things we didn't want to keep at the Salvation Army and discovered some little gems... Things from both our past...   Like hubby's braces (don't know why he kept them).

One of my highlights was the discovery of old money - like 1$ Canadian in paper or special money...  Even old pennies that are larger than the normal ones!   I didn't even knew about pennies this big...  Here's what they look like at their full size.

Now we just have to finish the 10 boxes or so left and organize the garage so that we can park the vehicles... before snow comes!


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