Friday, October 3, 2008

Discovering my local library

I am getting quite addicted to my local library - something that's been years in my life.   Sure when I was in school I borrowed tons of books but now... not so much. 

But with homeschooling buying books can get quite expensive in our family!   What can I say - I'm a book lover through and through.   I'm glad my kids loves books too.   And hubby is happy to see his kids enjoying books at an earlier age than he did.  But realistically, money don't grow on trees...

So I decided to check out the local library.   Got some books a week ago...  Then I finished the first Harry Potter and decided to continue the series... so I went back today and got book 2 - 4.  LOL   Won't be able to miss anything anymore...  I also got Charlie and the chocolate factory as well as it's sequel.   I read the first book when I was younger but never the second one.   I will read these with Alexandre.

Alexandre returned his books and borrowed a bunch of other ones including Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.   It's so cool to see him getting his book and read.

We took it relax today.   Got up way too early because I couldn't sleep...   Since we will be going to a butterfly exhibit next week, I decided to do some butterfly activities.  We didn't do all of them - keeping some for next week.  The kids watched the Magic School Bus about butterflies and I read a book From caterpillar to butterfly.   I also took out my DK eyewitness book on butterflies for reference.   For the kids I printed some butterfly coloring page and Alexandre had different activities like wordsearch, identification of a butterfly part, identification of the grow process as well as a math page on butterflies.

Oh and today we could go vote by anticipation.   So we did.   We prefer voting in advance to avoid the crowd.   Alexandre came with me and I explained to him the whole voting process.   He asked what was a prime minister and I told him.   In Canada, we have a prime minister not a president...   And I told him that we have too many parties - crazy I tell you!    Election Day is on November 14th but our duty as a citizen is already done.   On the 14th you can bet to see my husband in front of the TV to watch the elections though - just like he was in front of the TV in the last two days for the debates (one in French andthe other in English).  


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