Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Election Day...

Election day in Canada.   It used to be that employers would let their employees go earlier so that they can go vote...   Advanced voting was allowed only if you had proof that you couldn't vote on Election day.   Things has changed in the last 20 years or so...    We take advantage of the advance voting because we hate waiting a long time on Election Day.   So we did our duty as Canadians about two weeks ago.   And tonight we will learn what our next government will look like - Would it be a Conservative majority or a minority government (either conservative or liberal)?   The whole thing starts at 9pm (EST).   Me?   I will not stay up and hubby will watch it.   He is really following this.

Having a majority government would be nice but I am unsure if we will get it with all the things that are going on.   Honestly, I didn't enjoy the debate and the election campaign this year.   Too much attacking one another I find.   Would you believe me if I tell you that we have 5 major parties in Canada?  And that's not counting the little ones that are trying to get in as well.  There is the Conservatice, the Liberal, the NDP, the Green Party, and The Bloc Quebecois (which is represented only in Quebec - I think that a federal party should be represented in all the country... but looks like it is not the case!  And mind you I am from Quebec.) - and there are those small parties also.   The Bloc Party is there only to represent Quebec at the federal level and make sure that the decisions are made for the Quebecers too!  Their leader will never become a prime minister...

So today it's the final day for the leaders to convince the population to vote for them.   I pray that Canadians make a sensible choice regarding the economic situation these days.  May  our nation be govern by people who will be attentive to the people's need.  


We now have a strong Conservative minority government...  Hopefully we won't go back in elections for a little while... but you never know with the opposition.


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