Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sickness around the house...

Yesterday I woke up having trouble breathing and my sinuses bugging me...   I got an appointment with my own doctor at 430pm.   There he diagnosed me with bronchitis and sinusitis.   As if I need this.   But hey there is a reason and maybe I need to learn to slow down a bit and not do too much...

This morning, Jeremy woke up with a bad cough.   So I brought him to the clinic close to home since it is hard to see our own doctor.   Fortunately his lung and broncos are clear as well as his throat.   But he does have croup.

So...   I was trying very hard to get someone to come for about 1 hour because I wanted to go to the open house at the school BUT since nobody is available... I will take the time for a nap.  I need to rest.  And I will put the humidifier on in the baby's room.  Hopefully, his croup won't last too long...  It's not fun to take care of sick kids when you are in bad shape yourself.


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