Friday, May 25, 2007

I knew it would happen....

I had this strong feeling that if we go camping on Wednesday we would come back on Thursday and Canada Post would have tried to deliver the box for Alexandre.... Well, as soon as we arrived, I checked the door and there was the little piece of paper saying they tried to deliver the BOX.
The BOX comes from Scholastic Canada. Alexandre had participated to a contest back in January and he got selected... 50 books for 50 kids to celebrate their 50th anniversary! So the BOX had arrived. After a quick supper, we drove to pick it up. Believe it or not, from the 50 books, we had one already in French, one that we have in English and one that I need to read before hand (about a witch going to the fairies...). The rest is wonderful. Alexandre had even borrowed a book from the livrary at his school two weeks ago that he loved very much. The robot-dog (I am translating here...). Well this book is in the BOX. He is so excited... Got a few Scooby Doos and other things like games and activity books.
I am very curious to figure out the value of this BOX.
Already have one book read - last night Alexandre picked one from the BOX to read before bedtime.
I promise to include picks soon... Last night was crazy with unpacking the van and getting to the swim course to find it cancelled... What a day!


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