Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another nice surprise this week!!!

Yep!  We got another nice surprise this week.  See the picture above?  This is our brand new trailer...  We were not expecting to have it before the long week-end in May but it did...  So this week, they will insteand a special fan in the bunk bed area and it will be delivered to our camping site on Friday just in time for the long week-end.  HORRAY!  

Which means that this week I have to look for bedsheets for the bunk beds (2 singles and 2 doubles).   Can't wait to personalize my little camping space.   No waterslides for me this summer but the boys will enjoy it.

Forgot to take inside pictures... Silly me!   But I promise to post some as soon as I have some.

Heard that there is lots of black flies this season.  Hopefully it won't be too bad this coming week-end!

Now we just have to find a vehicule who will pull this thing so that we can travel a bit.   Being shopping a lot but we are in no rush whatsoever.   Keeping an eye open... 



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