Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life at Oak Grove Academy

This week is take it slow week...  Alexandre has croup somehow but he still can go to gymnastics today.  He is really excited about it.

So we are taking it slow.  Yesterday he was not feeling too good so we did only a lesson of Math U See Alpha.   We filled the humidifier for the night and today he is doing better.  Still coughing though but better than yesterday.  So we did some more maths today but this time in his Reader Rabbit book and we revised shapes but 2D and 3D ones.  

This afternoon is gymnastics so Jérémy is having his nap this morning.   I woke them up at 630am this morning, we had breakfast then off to the chiro and Wal-Mart to complete our boxes for Operation Christmas Child.   Life lesson this week is about blessings the poor.   We are making 6 boxes this year as we will be 6 in the family by the time Christmas arrives.   Yep!   It looks like my c-section will be before Christmas so baby will be with us at home on Christmas day.   I should have a confirmation on the date next week when I see my ob (which by the way has the same first name and last name as my husband... no kidding!).  

Right now, Alexandre and Dominic are doing puzzles and playing with a game that has shapes to fill in some pictures.   As I said, we are taking it slow since Alexandre is not feeling top shape...   When he speaks it is as though he will loose his voice.

So this is the week so far.   Amazingly, I am not stressed about the fact that we are not advancing as fast as I would have liked.   After all there is other more important in life...


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