Sunday, October 14, 2007

Glasses anyone?

Okay, here's an update on Dominic...   I think I had mentioned that we will have to go see an eye specialist for him because his left eye was going inward at times...  if not, well here you go...

We had the appointment last Friday.  Took nearly 3 hours 30 minutes to complete the whole appointment.   Alexandre and Dominic were good.  Thanks to mother-in-law, Jérémy was with her during that time...  Not sure he would have had the patience...

Anyhow, we met the specialist  a gentle man who explained to us that Dominic had strabismus but that it didn't affected his vision so no patches...  Two options: glasses or surgery.   His strabismus is not very bad... only 1.75 on both eyes while there is cases worst than him.   So we are going for glasses for now at his recommendation and then check if it helps.   Last resort would be the surgery...   I pray that we avoid this option as much as possible but I know he is in good hands.

So we got a price for glasses at the clinic but we wanted to shop around.   There is would have been 226$ for one pair of glasses.   We went at two other places.   First one was about the same price... so this was not an option.   Then we went to Costco.   They didn't have a lot of choices but there was one pair that seemed to be nice on him.   To top it off, there was a coupon that week for when you get another pair of glasses it would be 60$ rebate on it.   So we got two pairs for 140$ believe it or not...   If one pair breaks then we have a spare right away...  Same model... no fluffy thing for a little 3 year old.

Now when we get them, we will have to make sure he wears them as much as possible...   which means training.   He needs to understand that glasses are fragile.  I promise to post a picture when we get them!!!


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