Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wondering how we are doing???

You might be wondering why I am not updating my blog often anymore...   The reason is simple: I am out of time... When I have a minute to myself, I take a nap (which is well deserved by the way!). 

Alexandre is doing well with school... MathUSee completed with other math books, French in books and Rosetta Stone, Typing Tutor, even English.   He takes the time to read more and more even at church during worship and the words being on the screen.   I'm proud of him.   I'm proud of myself... even though there was some days where I was REALLY discouraged.   Last week was hard.  Trying to motivate him while he wasn't feeling too good.   Fortunately, I had some good friends who encouraged me.  

Gymnastics was good last week.  Both of the boys loved them.   It is kind of tricky to keep Jérémy busy for more than one hour but it is feasable... Swimming is almost done... two more lessons to go.   Both Dominic is Jérémy are doing good lately.   Prayers are powerful let me tell you!   Whatever was the problem before seemed to be gone.   Go figure...

I am preparing slowly but surely for the arrival of child #4.   I removed all the games that were in Jérémy's wardrobe (only the puzzles left now!) and even think of potty training him...   At least he is used to sit on the potty or the big toilet even though it is quite rare that he does his pee there.  I want to be done my Christmas shopping before the end of November as I won't have the energy or motivation to do it after that...  If only we could find a good desk for Jérémy's room so that I can put back the one in the baby's room so I can organize the baby clothes.

Alexandre is also doing chores more and more...  This morning, he even took care of the breakfast of his brothers while I was dealing with something else with my husband.   Impressive! 


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