Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Slow week this week...

This week is a slow week in homeschool...    First we had a trip to visit my mom on Monday.  It has been ages since we went down.   It took some convincing to be able to go down but I think we had a good time.

Yesterday, husband and I had a meeting during the morning so my mother-in-law came over to look after the kids.   Alexandre had the duty to do some Rosetta Stone and some Typing Tutor which he did.   They also went for a walk and got some Timbits thanks to grand-ma...

Today is homeschooling...  We did some French reading and I am pleased to say that Alexandre is doing well in this area.  We also did some Maths.    And they did some K*Nex construction after lunch.  Right now, Alexandre is helping Dominic with the computer...   Dominic loves to play with it too!

Tomorrow, we will do homeschool again but then on Friday we will do what we can because we have an appointment for Dominic with an eye specialist.   The poor kid has a lazy eye which goes inward.   So we will know what we need to do to correct this on Friday.   Will he have glasses or a patch???  

Right now I am letting the bread machine preparing the dough for pizza...  Pizza!  Homemade....   Mmmm!  Delicious!


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