Friday, October 19, 2007

One more Phys Ed activity on the calendar...

... We already have swimming on Thursday nights.   Now we will have gymnastics on Wednesday afternoons.

Just learned about it two days ago...  It started early October so we missed three lessons but we got a prorated price because of this.   It is organized through the homeschool association in my area.   Somehow, I didn't get the e-mail back in September to announce this.  Got it on Tuesday night.   I was very disappointed so I contacted them.

Good news is that there is still some places.  So I can register both Alexandre and Dominic.  Oh fun!   I wish I had this kind of activity when I was younger.   Since it is not the regular classes but recreational, we don't have to buy a uniform and there won't be badges and no report cards.  But they will be with otehr kids and socialize as well as having fun doing exercises...  

So starting next Wednesday we are having a new schedule!!!


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