Monday, October 24, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–Week 20


201. Chats with other moms during swimming lessons on Wednesday afternoons.

202. Going on a retreat with my sister-in-law.

203. Being inspired by God while starting an Scripture Art journaling.

204. Kids who don’t complain much when ask to help (sometimes they do but it is much more enjoyable when they don’t).

205. Reading great parenting books like the ones from Dr. Kevin Leman, Dr. Tim Kimmel and Dr. James Dobson.

206. The smell of Fall in the morning (okay I know I wrote this last week but I just love it…)

207. Sunshine which allows you to wear only a warm sweater and not a coat.

208. the business accounting documents completed and brought to the accountant.

209. Going to the truck dealer and not having to pay anything for a wheel bearing problem (Thanks for guarantees!)…

210. Being able to teach my kids during this season of our life together.




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