Friday, May 2, 2008

Overdue update....

I'm so into finishing the school year that I am not updating my blog as much as I should probably.  Then we will be gone on vacation (and I can't wait for it - I need one!!! real bad!!!!) that probably this blog won't be update as often as I would like....  But here is what happened since last week.

First - I finally told my mom about the church plant.   Oh she knew about it from two or three years ago but now it is a reality and the truck has been decked out promoting the church.   Well I expected her reaction and I got it all right....  when I hung up I had a black cloud over my head but I didn't realized it....    Got a really bad day on Friday   - that's when I realized that the black cloud was there....  borderline depression. 

But my friend in Quebec facebooked me and asked if they could come and visit....  Her common-law husband had to meet a client so she was coming down with the kids.   Sure why not?   Tried to invite her to church on Saturday night but they didn't come.  That's okay.    They came for Sunday's lunch.   We had a grand time...   Then supper time came around with my brother-in-law and his family.   Monday, my friend came back with the kids while her hubby was in meetings all day.

It was nice to see them as it has been three years I think we saw them.   We need to make a better effort.   Now they live in St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu.... near a place where they make the most fabulumouse cheese (see I am reading Geronimo Stilton .....).   

Tuesday, my dear husband drove the RV back to get the sway control installed.   Wednesdsay he drove the RV back to our spot in Logos Land with his mom.   They got stuck on the way because of no gas in the truck...  Hubby learned that when you pull the RV - if the light comes on, go put gas right away.  Like he says - He is learning on the job.... LOL

Gymnastics afternoon on Wednesday went okay....  Apart from Jérémy running around to do it too but he is not allowed.  Try to explain this to a 2 year old...   Good thing I needed to go to Costco for toilet paper.   There I found a book on drawing that I bought and told hubby to give to me for Mother's day....   LOL Typical, I buy the stuff that I like...   Anyhow, I can't wait to have it....

Hubby is formatting his old PC (which is not so old afterall) because he got a new one.   So his old one will go to me and he will redo the one I am using right now and set it up for the kids....   OUF!    Anyhow, my new PC will be red like a ladybug.   Cool!   Love it.  

Oh I got myself some Mary Jane Crocs... Fushia color....  LOVE THEM!  I had a pair of regular Crocs since December - thanks to my mom.   I needed something to put my feet in it since they were soooooo swolllllllen.    Love them.   Got some jibbitz to decorate them too (including the ladybug obviously!).    Hubby got himself a pair of close Crocs and a pair of sandals one.   I had bought him some jibbitz with Spiderman, Superman and Batman.   They are now on the sandals ones...   Nice!    We had bought a pair for Alexandre when a sport store was closing...  Dominic wanted one too!   We went to the store this week and got him a pair of Lighting McQueen ones (only pair there with his size believe it or not!!!).   Then when I went back yesterday for my Mary Jane ones, I bought another pair size 10-11 which were on sale.   Too big for Jérémy right now - he wears 8-9 but eventually.   Can't buy some for Jasmine right now.   Her feet are too small.   But this little girl will get some eventually - Mary Jane style.   As you can see we are now a Crocs addicted family...   No really, hubby likes them because they don't smell if you sweat in it (like other pairs of sandals he owned in the past...).  So the Crocs are coming with us on vacation!

Now I need to plan our stop to Boston...   I am thinking of sleeping in Plymouth as it is where the first pilgrims arrived in America.   And there is a nice coastal drive near by.   Boston being only 44 minutes away.

Thanks to our membership with museums here in the city, we can go to museums in the States and in Canada for free....   So there is a few in Philadelphia and Boston we can go too for free.   We will do that.   We also ordered the Entertainment books for Pennsylvania to use coupons for the things we want to visit.    The great thing is that they are on sale for 9.99$ right now.    Super!

Yes... yours truly can't wait to go on vacation.   Pennsylvania and Prince-Edouard-Island have been a dream for such a long time....  


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