Sunday, May 4, 2008

Let the construction begin!!!

We needed a place to eventually do some training and other kind of meeting for our church...  We are renting the basement of a church downtown our city and it's great but if we want to do some team training, well... we had nothing.

And as a business, we have many contracts going on this year (compared to last year that is...) and we were planning to pay off some debt to be more free.

Well, God put the training area in our hearts...  and we prayed about it.   Bottom line is that we do have an unfinished basement.   Soooooo..........    we are finishing the basement.    Debt is particially paid, the rest can wait a bit.    Hubby and his father will work on the basement.   Nothing fancy. 

We will have a bathroom, an office for hubby, an extra bedroom and a rec room which can be transformed in an office area for the employee when needed or a training area for church.  We will also have a wall dedicated to the comics we owe!

Now, I need to pick some colors for the walls as my mother-in-law will keep an eye open on sale or the kind of situation that someone ordered a color and didn't like it...   I'm not picky - really.   Even though I want something that I would like.  


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