Tuesday, May 20, 2008

End of year 1 of homeschooling...

...  we are in the last few stretches of homeschool for grade1.   A year of discovery...   Am I planning to continue?  Yes.   But next year I will have a grade 2 and a junior kindergarden.  mmmm!   I wonder how it will be.  But I don't want to worry about it.   Not now... as I am finishing this first year of homeschooling.   It was nice to have Alexandre at home.   He was and still is a big help with Jasmine, Jérémy and Dominic.    He learned to read, to add and substract, to be patient when I was busy with the other ones, to install software with his dad, to install doorknobs with his grand-papa... the list goes on and on.   Lately, he always asks me if he can go downstairs to help grand-papa and mon oncle Jean-Marie (my husband's uncle).   You see we are finishing the basement as I write this...   The walls are up, the sound proof is installed, electricity is done, plumbing is done...   So Alexandre was able to see the progress of the basement a little bit more than if he would have been in school.   One day, he went down to help finishing the electricity.   Don't worry he was not touching the cables but he helped and learned how to do it.  Thanks to grand-papa.   Now, he is asking me if he can help to paint.   Mmmmm!    I think we might be away when we arrive to this step.  

A few weeks ago, we finished Math U See Alpha.  We also completed numerous workbook in French as well as the reading program.   He likes to read thank goodness.   That was something I really enjoyed doing when I was young.   We got a bunch of Geronimo Stilton that we will give him slowly...  Got a few interesting ones for the summer...   I want him to be able to read in both official languages - French and English.   The Geronimos are in English but I do have books in French.  So I am bringing a bunch on travel.

General Mills is giving away some free books when you buy some specific cereals.   We got a bunch of Cheerios and got 5 codes.   I ordered 4 in English and 1 in French.   Got three so far... waiting for the other 2.   I ordered a Nancy Drew, a Hardy Boys, Frindle, Spiderwick Chronicles volume 1 and a book about learning your alphabet with Barbie (for Jasmine). 

Oh Toy testing season is starting.   I went to pick up my first test - Teach my Toddler  - Looks interesting.   I sat down with Jérémy and Dominic today to do the colors...  Tried to do the forms as well but honestly the attention span wasn't there anymore.    I am doing both languages...   or only French.   The whole thing is in English.   However, I would like that for the alphabet they would use the animals that you can say in both languages.  


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