Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Counting the days....

- to open our trailer...  only 3 days left.

- for Jasmine to be 5 months.... only 5 days left.

- to celebrate our 10th anniversary....  only 23 days left

- to go on VACATION!!!....   only 25 days left.

- to celebrate Alexandre's 7th birthday....   only 42 days left.

Time goes by fast... Unbelievable.    I still need to find some camping ground for stop we will make on the way.

In PA, we will visit Heidi and her family , go to Lancaster, Hershey, Philadelphia, Easton for the Crayola factory,... and hubby will go to Club Worship in Reading to check it out.  Oh!  And I also want to see an Amish farm and house.   I'm fascinated by their simple life.

After some fun time in PA, we will drive to Massachussetts...  direction Plymouth where the first Pilgrims arrived and where the First thanksgiving happened.   I am fortunate to have found a book on Squanto and I am planning to talk about with the kids.   Fun.  We are also planning to go to Boston.

From there, we will drive to Maine and visit some childhood places I went.    York with the GoldenRod store where you see salt water taffy being done (I told hubby that we need to stop there for the kids!!!), Kennebunkport, Kittery and Freeport...   Pantagonia store here I come... LOL

From there, we will drive to NB.   We are planning to stop around Saint-John for a few days...   Then we will drive to PEI.   I would like to drive around the island and see the potato museum, lighthouses, Anne's of Green Gables, Souris,...  try Malpeque oysters - mmm not sure I will like but I will try, celebrate Alexandre's birthday on the island, go to the CCSB conference in Charlottetown.

Then it will be the drive home.    Home sweet home.  I wonder how we will stand the one month trip.   Surely hope we will enjoy it - even with 4 kids.  I am packing a box of books and things like that for the trip to keep them busy.  

It might be our first and last trip with the trailer - with the gas prices going up like they are...   We shall see how much it will cost us.   We will keep track of it.  Oh man!   I can't wait to discover new places with my kids.   Hopefully we will be done school by then!   I'm confident we can make it.   My deadline of this week might be tight but next week... we should be done.   Yeah!


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